wk 10: Image Printing

Do not leave printing until the last minute – test print along the way. Four (8.5×11) color prints are due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. 

Below are a series of images that outline two things:

  1. How to Edit the 8.5×11 Sheet family to add your name and change the cube number in your project file. (pg. 1-6)
  2. How to print to PDF and name your files before printing to a physical printer. (pg. 7-16)

The images are also in the following PDF link: FA18_Arch 251_Printing Sheets

PDF and Revit file name: FA18_Arch251_LastName_Cube#

You will be invited to collaborate on a Box.com folder where you will upload all of your Revit files and their corresponding PDFs. All files MUST follow this naming nomenclature. If files are not named correctly they will be deleted from the Box folder. 

Revit ImagesRevit Images2Revit Images3Revit Images4Revit Images5Revit Images6Revit Images7Revit Images8Revit Images9Revit Images10Revit Images11Revit Images12Revit Images13Revit Images14Revit Images15Revit Images16




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