wk 15: Review Layout

FA18_Arch 251_Project 3_Board Layout

Follow the layout specified in the PDF to pin-up your work for the Project 3 review. Each student will get half a board (4’x4′) to pin-up their work. Wood and museum board models will be set on carts in front of your work. Pay close attention to how you pin-up your work. The selection of Revit images and Project 2 foam models should support how you are going to talk about your work. This is NOT a random selection.

The white pin-up boards will be set-up by 5:00pm on Wednesday.

The review starts promptly at 2:30pm on Thursday November 29th. Every student must be pinned up before the start of the review.

The format for the review will be the same as project 2. Present in pairs, five minutes or less for each verbal presentation, followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Twenty minutes per student pair.





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