Grade sheets

The final course grade will be based on performance throughout three (3) study + design projects and one (1) documentation project.

PROJECT 1 – (30%) FA18_Arch 251_Project 1_Grade Sheet
PROJECT 2 – (30%) FA18_Arch 251_Project 2_Grade Sheet
PROJECT 3 – (30%) FA18_Arch 251_Project 3_Grade Sheet
PROJECT BINDER – On-going Documentation + Reflection (10%)

Student grades are assessed via a daily performance assessment (is the work complete and on time? Did the student participate in class?) of 0 (zero), – (minus), √ (check), + (plus) AND an overall assessment at the end of the session. Studio teaching is accomplished in intensive making based study. Daily assignments are given and checked. On time submission of daily work is expected and will be rewarded in assessment. Daily review and critique of submitted work will occur and suggestions will be offered for improvement. In each of the final section reviews the instructor will critically study daily work submitted by the students for evidence of performance of the design issues under study. Each student will receive three grades throughout the semester.

Students who receive A’s in this course will be curious about ideas, will demonstrate
basic comprehension of and engage in discussions based on the topic, will substantially
contribute to the completion of the class projects, and will find a way to channel these
studies into an increasingly sophisticated questioning of architectural production.

A (90 – 100%) = Exceptional performance; strongly exceeding the requirements of the course, showing strong academic initiative and independent resourcefulness.

B (80 – 89%) = Performance above the norm; accurate, complete, and beyond the minimum requirements of the course; work demonstrates marked progress and initiative.

C (70 – 79%) (MINIMUM PRE-PROFESSIONAL PASSING GRADE) = Satisfactory/adequate
work; adequately meets minimum requirements and demonstrates satisfactory comprehension, communication skills, and effort; demonstrates little initiative to investigate the problem without substantial prodding of the instructor; work shows little improvement.

D (60 – 69%) = Unsatisfactory/inferior work; unsatisfactorily meets minimum requirements and demonstrates minimum comprehension, communication skills, and effort, at an inferior level; initiative lacking; improvement not noticeable.

F (50 – 59%) = Does not meet minimum requirements; fails to adequately demonstrate
comprehension or communication skills. No pluses or minuses will be given in this course.